About Us

Noble Packaging was established in UAE in 2008 as a company for marketing, development and distribution of various packaging materials, adhesive material and related products. In the past decade, the company has grown to become a major player in the packaging industry, owing to its reputation of supplying quality products, its reasonable price structure and outstanding service. The company holds & manage several
activities in Food Industries, Lubricant Industries, Perfume Industries, Tissue paper Industries, HVAC Industries, Chemical Industries, Joinery, Repackaging, Logistics &Cargo Industries.

Whether you require a small or a large job, we have the flexibility and capability to meet your requirements for your custom need. You can find more about our product & services in product section. A team of very dedicated, qualified and experienced professionals is the heart and soul of Noble business. Our team guarantees prompt delivery and is ready to deal with any urgent requirements.

The main objective of our company is to provide high quality products and services to meet the needs and expectations, including prices, delivery time, and service to each of our clients. We aim to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our clients each & every time.