BOPP films are transparent bi-oriented polypropylene films designed to offer high performance, great appearance, and easy converting for flexible packaging and other applications. BOPP films may be Acrylic coated for special purposes.

Acrylic coated films exhibit an increased barrier from mineral oils. Acrylic coated BOPP films exhibit high gloss, thus ensuring a luxury appeal for your product.

Specifications :
Thickness: 20Mic to 40 Mic
Size: All Standard sizes are available.

BOPP Film is used in a variety of applications including :

  • Flexible Packaging
  • Pressure Sensitive Tape
  • Printing And Lamination
  • Stationary
  • Metallizing
  • Flower Sleeves
  • Cable Wrap and Insulation

Other benefits include :

  • Easy stretch ability enables fast and smooth processing on high-speed FFS (Form, Fill & Sealing) or other machines.
  • Low tackiness and easy jaw release provide good run ability on packaging machines.
  • Low amorphous fraction resulting in low xylene extra cables.
  • Low blooming of amorphous and low MW (Molecular weight) fractions and additives, giving stable surface properties
  • Low migration for metalized film
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