Vacuum Skin Packaging is a highly efficient packaging film with excellent optical properties. It extends the shelf-life of fresh products like meat and Poultry.

Due to the attractive, clear packaging, customers can inspect and touch food products without spoiling them. The material usage is reduced compared to conventional Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

Vacuum Skin Packaging Film packs are particularly suitable for high-quality products in the meat and meat products, fish and seafood, poultry, convenience food, cheese, and pastry segments. Products prone to leak juices can be packaged with Vacuum Skin Film, as well as foodstuffs with higher shelf-life requirements.

Benefits: –
· Increased shelf life and minimized loss.
· Minimal need for preservatives
· Zero freezer burn.
· More affordable
· Less material, more sustainable.

Lidding Film
Lidding is typically used as a closure on plastic bowls, cups, or trays that hold products like yogurt, soup, meats, cheese, Poultry, and many other food products. Lidding is often a laminated construction, made up of foil, paper, polyester, PET, or all kinds of other metalized and non-metalized materials that make up the film.

The film is specially engineered to peel without shredding. It retains a strong adhesion and tight seal for extended shelf life.

Typical attributes of lidding film
· Peel Able
· Microwave-safe
· Anti-fog
· Freezer-safe
· Self-venting
· Grease And Oil Resistant
· Printable
· High Barrier

Vaccum skin packaging film