Vacuum packing reduces atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi, and preventing the evaporation of volatile components. It is also commonly used to store dry foods over a long period of time because it
inhibits bacterial growth.

Specifications: –
Laminated Vacuum bag (Plain and Printed)
Structure : PET/PE
Thickness:70 Mic to 200 Mic

Co Extruded (Nylon) Vacuum Bag (Plain and Printed)
Structure : PA/PE, PA/EVOH/PE
Thickness : 70 Mic to 200 Mic
Sealing : 3 Side Sealing Pouch(Sealing Width 8mm,10mm)
Size: Available all Standard and Customised Size


  • Food Grade Material Used to Produced Vacuum bag.

  • Excellent high clarity & glossiness.
  • Longer Self Life, Storage time.
  • excellent on moisture-proof and oxygen-proof.
  • Special physical attributed like durability, flex-crack a puncture resistance
  • Excellent sealing properties

Food Packaging: These are ideal for food packaging. Normally, they are used to pack Dates, fish, sauces, paneer, processed meat, dried fruits, pulses, grains, cheeses, and many other foods.

Vaccum bag