Aluminium foil tape is coated with a strong solvent base Acrylics adhesive with pressure sensing characteristic and laminated with release liner for maximum performance.

AL200220NHS 46MM ( 2”) 24 100 BOX
AL300220NHS 72MM ( 3”) 16 100 BOX
AL400220NHS 96MM ( 4”) 12 100 BOX


  • Due to low moisture content, these tapes are good sealant.
  • We get an excellent reflection of both heat and light due to Aluminium covering.
  • The Aggressive Hot melt adhesives offer for long serviceable life in outdoor as well as a high humid atmosphere.
  • Suitable as masking in electroplating of Aluminium due to its non-contamination properties
  • With Silicone Liner, Easy Application.
  • Excellent barrier to vapour & Fire Resistance.


  • Used in air conditioning ducting systems
  • Roofing applications – flashing, joints & insulation
  • General purpose holding, patching sealing applications-indoor and outdoor.
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Aluminium foil tape
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